Gluefast Equipment

We are the best West Coast distributors for adhesives and application equipment for applying labels to a variety of different products.  If you are serious about acquiring the best equipment for an application, email your specifics and we will help you to determine if Gluefast is right for you.

Picture Model & Description
Adjutant Rotary Press - A labor saving machine that smoothes out the wrinkles on the glued label/board stock combinations.  Used in conjunction with the Colonel.
Captain B Electric Gluer - Table top gluer for applying glue to labels.  Available in three widths, 8", 10", and 14".  Also available with explosion proof air motor models, and special strip gluer model.
Colonel Electric Gluer - For larger applications of labels.  Available in two models, 20" and 32".  For larger labels the Adjutant Rotary Press is recommended to remove bubbles.

Craqulure/Faux Canvas Coating - A coating product used to enhance pictures and posters with a texture finish.

Electric Edge Gluer - Applies adhesive to the edge of stock up to 5/8" thick. 
Glue - For a variety of label applications.  Hot melt glue sticks also available.
Glue Guns - Hand held industrial hot melt glue guns available in two models.
  Glue Pillows - Hot melt glue in bulk for automatic systems
  Glue Spots - Ready to use in place of hot melt glue guns.

Glue Sticks - Hot melt glues stick for Gluefast Glue Guns

  Label Pro 5.5E - World's most compact motorized label gluer for labels up to 5 1/2" wide.  Impulse system turns the gluer on when required.  Available in a manual version as well.
  Meltcator - Hot melt roller gluer for substrates (boards, labels, etc.)
  Model C and S Moistener - The worlds last surviving moistener for wetting gummed label stock.

P.A.T. Systems - Pneumatic Adhesive Tank.  Best way to apply adhesives to large items, or uneven materials.  A "walk-about" gluer that allows the operator to take the glue to the product.  Available in 3, 5, and 10 gallon tanks with either glue heads or atomizing sprayer.

  Senator Top Coat Gluer - Applies adhesives and Craqulure/Faux to the top side of materials.

Skid-Lock Adhesive - An economical and ecological solution to replacing 90% of the stretch film used to secure pallet loads.

  SOLO GLUE RITERTM - is ready when you are.  Forms lines or dots of glue.

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