Gluefast Edge Gluer

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Key Benefits

Edge gluers are great for gluing the edge of a label to wrap around a can, jar, or bottle.  Gluing only the edge saves on adhesive costs for labeling. 

The Edge Gluer is available in our #2 & #4 models with the ability to glue up to 2" (5 cm) and 3.25" (8 cm) of an edge of a piece of paper, chipboard, cardboard, corrugated, or wood up to 5/8" thick (16 mm).

The 120 volt motor comes standard with variable speed control, providing flexibility to work with any edge gluing job. We have 220 volt motor & less speed control available as options.

Item Number Description Ship Wgt.
125M-2BMSC 2" Edge Gluer 36#
125M-4BMSC 4" Edge Gluer 38#
125M-5BMSC 5" Edge Gluer* 41#
125M-6BMSC 6" Edge Gluer* 44#
125M-4TSEDGE 4" Top Side Edge Gluer* 65#
*Lead time 6 weeks. 

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