Gluefast offers the

Econodot Applicator

The NEW EconoDot is an economical bench-top adhesive dispenser designed for long and short term projects.

The NEW EconoDot automatically dispenses a single Glue Spots and Dots pattern.  Using a solid glue means no waste, no mess and no excess glue dripping on your products and offers an instant bond.

Priced under $1,000
Lightweight design and small footprint
Glue Dots automatically advance
Speeds up projects 
Fast, easy start up and operation
Maintenance free

The machine utilizes an electronic eye to know when to advance the to the next spot:

The operator merely places the product against the glue spot, lifts the item off the liner, and the eyes 'sees' the removal and advances.

Sensors detect the black lines on the liner and advance the roll precisely to the next dot.

Order item #125M-Econodot

Special rolls of Glue Dots are used in the Econo Dot.  *Email for more info by Clicking here.