Gluefast Glue Spots

Need to stick two substrates? Need to hang posters or bulletins on brick walls? From home projects and school crafts to industrial packaging and promotional bundling, pressure sensitive adhesive dots of glue known as Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS provide a fast, easy, and clean method for bonding. Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS are available in four tack strengths — low, medium, high and super high. A strength for temporary up to permanent bonding.

Pressure sensitive adhesives are bonding substances that activate when pressed down upon. Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS, sometimes referred to as fugitive adhesive or booger glue, are spots of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives extruded onto silicone release liners. Unlike most hot melt adhesives, Glue Dots® remain tacky at room temperature. The adhesive dot bonds weakly with the silicone and the user easily transfers a dot on one substrate and applies pressure with another substrate to make the two stick together. As a removable dot, pressure sensitive adhesives are best known to the public as the glue that adheres credit-card-like items to the paper carrier in promotional mailings.

Looking for an easy way to apply glue spots?  Check out the Dot Shot Pro:

Apply Glue Dots® quickly, cleanly and precisely with the handheld Dot Shot Pro.

  • Lightweight
  • Safe for repetitive use
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than hot glues guns

The Dot Shot Pro dispenses one or more dots at a time and can accommodate a multitude of custom patterns and the new Stitch pattern.

Rolls of Glue Dots® for the Dot Shot Pro have color coded cores.
Low (Black), Medium (Green), High (White), and Super High (Red)

Glue Dots® are pressure-sensitive patterns of adhesive:  
Bonds instantly
Faster and safer than hot glues
Cleaner than liquid adhesives – No Spills, no leaks
No sticky residue like double-sided tapes can leave

Available in 4 strengths:
Low Tack (removable bond, lowest tack)
Medium Tack (removable bond)
High Tack (removable from some surfaces, permanent on most)
Super High Tack (permanent on most surfaces)

Gluefast DUOS are about 1/2" in diameter and approximately .014" thick. They are both available in self-dispensing boxes. Pull the release liner and the spots of adhesive appear for application.

Available in 4 strengths:
Low Tack (removable bond, lowest tack)
Medium Tack (removable bond)
High Tack (removable from some surfaces, permanent on most)
Super High Tack (permanent on most surfaces)

Rolls are shipped in a self dispensing box.

Need the GlueFast Duos in sheets?  Order the same product with the suffix of -SHTS and received 75 sheets with 80 spots each for a total of 6,000 spots. 

Gluefast also offers custom lines or sizes.  For more info email your specifications and we will work with the Gluefast engineers to find a solution.

Item # Description
125C-??DUO-SHTS Gluefast Duos 6,000 Spot Sheets - Specify Tack
75 Sheets 8" x 15"/Box of 80 Glue Spots Each
125C-??DUO-1M Gluefast Duos 1,000 Spot Rolls - Specify Tack
125C-??DUO-6M Gluefast Duos 6,000 Spot Rolls - Specify Tack
125C-XD??-404 Glue Dots® Rolls of 4,000 - Specify Tack
125M-GD-DSP Dot Shot Pro - Dispenser
125C-DSP??-401 Glue Dots® for Dot Shot Pro 1/2" - Specify Tack
125C-DSP??-201 Glue Dots® for Dot Shot Pro 1/4" - Specify Tank

(??? are being used since each tack level uses a different number)

Need a faster machine to apply the adhesives?  Check out the all new Econo Dot:

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