Gluefast Moisteners

Why pay for the high cost of pressure sensitive labels.  Buy gummed paper stock, use a word processor and a color printer and print your own label.  Cut to size, moisten with the Model S label moistener and apply to your cartons. 

Glue Fast moisteners are simple, effective, and inexpensive. They apply water using wick rollers to transfer the water. This is much more effective than the "brush-type" moisteners which actually scrape adhesive off the back of the label. They do the job quickly, cleanly, and economically.

The Model C Item #125M-000C is used for wetting envelopes (pictured above).  It can also moisten labels up to 4.5" wide by guiding the flap under the bar.

The Model S Item #125M-000S is used for wetting labels up to 5.75" wide.  Merely guide the label under the bar for perfect moistening. 

Our recommended replacement for moisteners requiring a brush: the Better Pack BP-6