Label Pro 5.5H Manual Label Gluer Parts List


ST52  Screw for Guide Plate - 5/16" long

GL37 Guide Plate

ST16 Bushing

GL11XX Rubber Roller Assembly (black roller)
ST47        Spiral Pin for Large Gear
ST24        Retaining Ring
SX49B      Brass Washer
GL23        Large Gear (on end of large black roller)
GL3          Cover
GL31        Pressure Plate Spring
GL49        Stripper Rod
GL39X      Finger Assembly
GL49X      Stripper Rod Assembly Complete
GL51        Stripper Rod Bracket
ST21        Screw for Bracket - 3/16" long
GL29        Pressure Plate
GL20L      Left Bearing Plate
K230AB    Nut
GL18        Pivot Arm Spring
ST21        Bearing Plate Screw
GL14        Pivot Arm
GL16        Shoulder Screw
GL36        Inner Gear (held in w/3 screws - one on each glue roller)
GL24XX    Lower Roller & Gear Assembly
GL24XXFG  Lower Roller & Gear Assembly for LPR5.5H-FG* 
GL24XXH20  Lower Roller & Gear Assembly for LPR5.5H-H20
GL4X        Base & Foot Assembly
GL40XX    Upper Roller Assembly
GL40XXFG    Upper Roller Assembly for LPR5.5H-FG*
GL40XXH20    Upper Roller Assembly for LPR5.5H-H20
ST208      Roll Pin for Outer Gear
GL54        Outer Gear (with shoulder - held in w/pin ST208)
GL20        Right Bearing Plate
ST20        Screw for Inner Gear

* Model No LPR5.5H-FG provides full glue coverage of the label as opposed to the "corduroy" (striped) glue coverage of the standard gluer. Full glue coverage model requires the use of adhesives with viscosities of 3,000 to 5,000 cps.