Gluefast Label Pro® 5.5

Looking for an inexpensive way to apply labels?

The Label-Pro does not require electricity and can be be taken mobile all over your facility. Fast, efficient, and low cost.

Key Benefits

Item Number Model Number Description
125M-LPR55H LPR5.5H Manual Version
125M-LPR55E LPR5.5E 115v Electric Version

Add $125 to the list price for the optional 230v version. Also available as a full face gluer. For more options click here to view the different configurations of the gluer:

Small and sweet, fastest manual on the market to use.

The LPR5.5H manual is great for small labeling operations or home breweries (Beer and Wine makers make your mark!). Fast, neat, compact, and trouble free. Available in a manual or electric model for labels up to 5½" widths.  

The manual model is easy to use.  The operator sticks the leading edge of the label under the large black roller and 'palms' the roller to feed the label through the gluer.

The standard Label-Pro® applies a corduroy pattern of glue
to the back of the label resulting in double the number of
labels glued per gallon versus a solid glue pattern.

Most efficient for short to medium run labeling jobs.   Great for applying glue to labels for application to bottles.

Three different models are available.  The standard model LPR5.5H is pictured above applies a corduroy pattern.  For applications requiring a full coverage of glue without the corduroy pattern, order model #LPR5.5H-FG.  For applications requiring water, a wick roller system is available for gummed labels by ordering model LPR5.5H-H2O.   

Only 7# shipping weight.

New from Gluefast:  A new CD titled Innovations in Adhesives & Applicators now available for viewing equipment in action.  We have a limited number of copies available on a first come first serve basis.  If you are serious about acquiring the best equipment for an application, email your specifics and we will help you to determine if Gluefast is right for you.

Label Pro 5.5H instruction, click here.  Trouble Shooting Guide, click here. 

Part List for the 5.5H, click here.  Click here for the pdf brochure.

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