Gluefast P.A.T. Systems

The portable Pneumatic Adhesive Tanks apply cold glues when sealing cartons, palletizing, wood gluing, etc. Glue is applied with the optional multi-strip fashion heads of 1", 2", 3", 6", and 8" widths as well as with the optional sprayer attachment. Nylon hose, safety relief valve and easy handling hand grips standard. Unit either works connected to air supply, or will work off line on short runs.

Key Benefits

  • Portable
  • Full pneumatic instrumentation
  • Eliminates glue pots

Glue head extra.  Shown with optional spray head.


Mobile unit for glue applications

Item Number Model Description Shipping Wgt.
125M-1PAT PATJR-1ST 1 Gallon P.A.T. Jr 7#
125M-3PAT 3 PAT  3 Gallon P.A.T.  13#
125M-5PAT 5 PAT 5 Gallon P.A.T. 15#
125M-10PAT 10 PAT 10 Gallon P.A.T. 23#

1", 2", 3" Wide Glue Heads, SKID-LOCK Spray Head, Extra Extrusion Glue Line & Valve, Glue Control Needle Valve, Atomizing Sprayer Gun, and extra lines available. 

The P.A.T. system is very flexible.  Email your application details for the best solution.

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