Unitizing Systems by Gluefast Equipment


Key Benefits

  • Safe, no known hazardous materials as defined by OSHA
  • No plastic wrap to dispose
  • Labor savings

Eliminate plastics, stabilize pallet loads.

By Glue-Fast. Unitizing without waste. Eliminate the overuse of Stretch (plastic) Wrap, save time and money. SKID-LOCK® is a water based resin product with a release agent that prevents deep penetration of the resin into paper or board stock. This gives SKID-LOCK® the ideal properties necessary for a turn unitizing adhesive… high shear strength (side to side) and low tensile strength (up and down). SKID-LOCK® may be applied with the P.A.T. system noted above, with a Multi-stripe Adhesive Dispenser, or with an automatic applicator.

The palletizing adhesive can be applied directly to the tops of the carton in bead or spray form during the conveyor ride to the pallet. In many cases once applied there is no need for stretch wrap to hold the skid together.

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Looking for ways to apply Skid-Lock? We have more info in pdf format.

If you are interested, we have a .pdf file on the 3 steps to reducing your stretch wrap usage. You will need a reader to view the file. Click here for the download.

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We have also included the Inquiry form from Gluefast.  Click to Download the .pdf file and fax direct.  Local representation is the best way to get set up with Skid-Lock.