Gluefast Label Pro 5.5

Trouble Shooting Guide

Problem Cause Solution
Label Jam Glue accumulated on stripper fingers Clean Stripper Fingers
  Guide Plate Bent Push plate up or down
  Glue too thick* Replace with fresh glue
  Bent or worn stripper fingers Replace stripper fingers
  Wrinkled labels Use smooth labels
Uneven Glue Pattern Accumulation of dried glue on Clean glue rollers
or Bare Spots glue roller  
  Glue too thick or thin* Use glue with viscosity range
    between 150-5,000 cps
  Glue rollers oily or greasy Wash rollers with detergent
  Labels wrinkled Use smooth labels
Rubber Feed Roller Will Glue has hardened between glue Clean glue rollers
Not Turn Easily rollers  
  Rubber feed roller shaft bearings Apply a drop of light oil
  too dry to each bearing
Labels Will Not Feed Pressure plate under rubber feed Replace or reset
  roller missing, out of place pressure place
  Rubber feed roller has accumulated Wash rubber feed roller
  dried glue  
  Wrinkled labels Use smooth labels

* If the glue/adhesive is too thick you may add up to  5% water to thin, but we recommend that you contact the adhesive manufacturer before adding water.

If it is too thin, it is possible that too little adhesive will be transferred to the label.

Always use fresh glue before the expiration date.  Verify shelf life.

For best results use only Glue-Fast glues and adhesives.