How to Remove PS Tape and Labels:

Interested in making a carton look better?  Too many labels you need to remove?  Want to remove a label from your supplier before you ship it to your customer?  (Need to "break" into a box sealed with plastic poly tape without the receiver, customer, and or shipper knowing about it?)  Wonder why some cartons break open during the hot shipping weather season?  Here's how:

Take you basic every day HAIR DRYER (a shrink film heat gun works even faster) and heat up the tape or labels.  Once the label warms up the adhesive will start "melt".  Take a flat edge device like a razor blade and lift up on the corner of the tape or label.  Gentle peal away from the carton.

If heating poly PVC tape, with caution, you might even be able to reseal the carton with the same piece of tape!!!  Some tapes are know to shrivel up if too much heat is applied.  I'm not advocating thievery, but with PVC tapes used for sealing cartons, entry is extremely easy for a thief.  Visit our page on gummed tape to learn more about security.  Click here.

Considering how hot delivery trucks get in the summer, and that most delivery persons have a tape gun in their trucks to reseal boxes, do you feel your cartons are safe with plastic tape?