Image IS everything!

Millions of dollars are spent making, promoting and keeping the image of a corporation at its' best.  Take your own "test".  Visit your shipping department when UPS delivers your packages.  Take a good look at your received packages.  Notice what type of tape was used to seal the cartons? 

How do you feel about the "look" of the packages?  Do you trust the contents?

If you have cartons sealed with poly tape, are they sealed well?  Are there multiple strips of tape holding the flaps down?  Does the packaging look professional?  Do you trust that the contents are new, clean, and in good shape?  What do you think of the image of the company sending you the products?

If you have cartons sealed with gummed tape, are they sealed well?  Compare your feelings with the same questions above.

9 times out of 10 the gummed tape looks more professional, and you feel better about the contents.

Millions spent on an image, but little emphasis on what the customer sees first. 

The package!

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