Label Dispensers

Sometimes using pictures is easier. Click on the picture and get more info. We recommend filling our our Material Evaluation Form to help us find the best dispenser for your needs.  Click here. We carry products from several different manufacturers and will consider all to find the best machine for your application.

Electric Label Dispensers -

With Lever:

Dispensamatic units with levers for both paper and clear type labels.  Lowest priced label dispensers on the market and built to last.  The U25 on the left handles up to 2 1/2" width, U45 in the middle for up to 4 1/2" widths, U60 on the right for up to 6".  All units accept roll stock or fan-folded labels. 

Dispensa-matic II (6", 10" and 16" models available)   

 The Take-A-Label lever models offer a faster way to remove longer labels from the dispensers.  By putting the label path in reverse of normal dispensers, more of the label is exposed for faster removal.  If your labels are longer than 6" your operators will realize an increase in speed.

With Electronic Photo Eye:


Start International units are available in widths of 2", 5", and 7" with traditional feeding path and the reverse path.

This NPS model is unique in the use of a shelf to help speed up dispensing longer labels.

The Sidewinder presents the label on the side to prevent the roll from telescoping. 

The Take-A-Label photo eye models offer the faster removal method for the operator.  The photo eye keeps the area around the label clear for easy access to the label for removal.

With Electronic Eye and Delay Stop:

More of the label dispenses for faster pick off after the removal of the previous label.  Counters are also available.

Electrical Multiple Label Dispenser:

Handles up to 5 rolls of labels from the same dispenser for a total width of 5".

Manual Label Dispensers:

This unit does both tape and labels for a combined width of 6", 12", or 18" models.


The models above are all based on pulling the waste liner to separate the label from the liner.  The above three models are offered in several widths.  Each unit offers advantages depending upon application.

The dispenser on the left offers a liner take up spool.  The operator turns the crank handle to raise the label above the peel plate to remove.  This unit is an excellent solution to a low cost dispensing method with only humanoid power.  The unit on the right offers a manual method for putting labels on round containers.

Wall Mountable Manual Label Dispensers

Hand Label Dispensers:

The APS series on the left is available in 30, 60, and 100mm widths but has limitations for the diameter of the roll due to weight considerations.  The APS works like the old time price guns and only accepts die cut labels.  The Scooter on the right will handle both die cut and butt cut labels but has a minimum length to the label for proper dispensing.

Specialty Label Dispensers:

For Bottles:

Depending upon the speed of your labeling, single or double sided, size of label, and power availability, we offer different models. The Dispensamatic Bottlematic models are available in single or double models and offer a low cost, efficient , method to label your products.  Have an odd ball size round container?  The Take-A-Label 3000R pictured in the middle might work.  No power?  The Start International Lab01 pictured on the right is offered.

Tamp Style: Wipe On Style:

These units are for more specialized applications.  Take-A-Label offers the Tamp and Wipe On style dispensers for either the higher speed applications or for the more difficult jobs.  Tamp units utilize a plunger type applicator and optional jigs to hold the product in place for more accurate application of the label.  The Wipe On unit applies the label to the product as it passes under the applicator arm and is usually triggered with an optical sensor.  For these applications we generally bring in the engineer at the factory to work direct with you to make sure all the options are covered.  Contact us via phone or email to move to the next step in finding the best solution.

Printing Options

Label Moisteners:

As an alternative to pressure sensitive labels, the label moisteners allow you to use gummed paper stock to print your own labels.  Once printed, cut to size and moisten in one of these moisteners.

Unwind Systems and Label Rewinders

Depending upon application and budget the above models offer a method for unwinding or rewinding rolls of labels.  Great for collecting loose liner to maintain a clean work environment.  Also great for rewinding labels after printing.