We carry a wide range of pressure sensitive type label dispensers from a number of manufacturers.  Need to label bottles, cans, bags, or other items from hand held, to tape top, to low end automatic tamp or wipe on units.  Click the link and to see our range of dispensers.

Label Dispensers

We also carry a full line of label gluers, laminators, and pasters to stick labels and posters to substrates.  Create point of sale (P.O.S.) displays by taking a poster and mounting it to foam or cardboard.  Check out our gluers from 5 1/2" wide up to 60" wide with Rotary Presses to remove wrinkles and give a smooth finish.

Label Gluers/Pasters

Labeling and Mounting Systems

Our two main lines of equipment are Potdevin or Gluefast.