Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers

We handle all the manual gummed tape dispensers by all the leading manufacturers like Better Packages, Marsh, Cyklop, Phoenix, NPS, and Akro-matic. 

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Better Packages:

Better Pack offers the BP333 on the left for 3", the heavy duty TS150 in the center for up to 4" and the TapeShooter 404 for up to 1 1/2" gum side out tapes on the right.


MSSC (Marsh) and NPS (National Package Sealing):


Standard M1 or the M2 w/Heater

Start International:

Pull and Tear:

Better Packages:

This model now handles both Kraft plain and reinforced gummed tapes. Great for home based businesses.

MSSC (Marsh) and NPS (National Package Sealing):



Better Packages: