Coding Methods

Sometimes using pictures is easier.  Click on the pictures and get more info. We have several items being coded by different methods. Check for Box Coding, Hand Coding, Stenciling, Tape Coding, and Ink Jet Coding.

Logo Letters/Numbers/Mats Supplies:


Box Coding:   

Case sealer coding as well as marking boxes traveling down a conveyor or sitting on a pallet is possible depending upon the quality of the print, the surface being printed on, and the method of efficiency.  Hand held devices work great for small runs, corrections, or when it's too difficult to use other methods.  We carry both porous (ink absorbing like cardboard) or non-porous (like metal, glass, coated cardboard) systems. 

Hand held indexing and non indexing (Porous) Hand held indexing and non indexing (non-Porous)

Side of carton (Porous only)When consecutive number is required When the leading edge and side are marked.

All of the units on the third row are for either porous or non-porous and depend upon application for the correct model.  Most are available with a 4 oz ink supply. To determine the correct model we need to know where you want the carton marked, type of material being printed on, if being mounted on a conveyor or case sealer, size of your carton, size of your font and message, indexing or non-indexing, and distance between cartons to be marked.  Email your details for more info.

Hand Coding:

We carry both single use and refillable markers.  The refillable markers are available with chisel or point inserts.  We also carry standard logo mat stampers and flip over self inking stampers.  With a stamper you can change your message with the use of letter and font kits sold separately.  Depending upon message and font style hand stampers are available in different styles.  Email your details for more info.


Stenciling is one of the lowest cost methods for marking multiple items with the same message.  Stenciling also works best with odd ball large type items.  Many companies have tried replacing stenciling applications with ink jet only to find the cost skyrocket.  If your message is consistent and the surface difficult consider Stenciling.

Tape Coding:   

These devices will print on the tape as it is dispensed from gummed tape dispensers.  The first one uses Ink Jet technology.  The second one uses a mechanical printer that works similar to a printing press.  The ink roller inks a transfer roller, the transfer roller inks the logo, the logo then prints on the tape as it passes over the platen roller.  The third device has been discontinued but the BP555e series now accept the unit pictured in the middle.

Ink Jet Coding:

Ink jet coding offers the ability to mark items with a higher resolution. For applications requiring a current date or time stamp, consecutive numbering, or a regularly changed message, Ink jets are the answer.  We offer ink jet systems on the lower end of the spectrum of applications.  Send us an email describing your application and we will advise if one of your systems will meet your requirements.