AirBag™ Wine Shippers

by Inflatable Packaging Incorporated

We offer the label dispenser to label the bottles and we found the perfect way for smaller wineries and beer makers to ship products safely and securly. Inflatable Packaging, Inc. has created a protective packaging solution for all wine, spirits and beverage packaging problems. Introducing AirBag™ Wine Shippers! Born from our AirBag™ line of customizable products, we have designed protective packaging for single, double, and triple wine bottle packs.

Inflatable Packaging, Inc. has a history of providing cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly void fill and protective packaging. Airbag™ Wine Shippers offer individually chambered airbags that completely surround and protect your bottled beverages. If any of the multiple chambers loses air, the balance remains inflated to provide continued protection.

If image matters to your customers door, they will be impressed by the protection you use to deliver your products.

Item # Description Qty
177C-WB16X10-7S Single Wine Bag 300
177C-WB16X20-16D Double Wine Bag 300
177C-WB16X30-24T Triple Wine Bag 200
177M-ST4114 Stationary Inflation Hardware Each
177M-PC1031 Portable Inflation Hardware Each

Nothing is bullet proof but this is like putting a bullet proof vest on the bottle.

AirBag™ trademark 2012 owned by Inflatable Packaging Incorporated.