Fast Multiple Point Clam Shell Sealing

A new way to seal clam shells.

The DPC-100


Item #150M-0100

Standard unit available with 6 adjustable sealing points.  Seal six points on the clam shell in 2-3 seconds.

The side support rails and individual point sealer assemblies are adjustable to accommodate packages up to 8" wide by 13.5" long by 3.75" depth top and bottom (7.5" total container depth).

The operator determines what points need to be sealed and locks the upper and lower sealing points into place.  A clam shell is inserted and rests on springs.  When the top is lowered the jaws come into contact with each other and the sealing begins.  The DPC100 uses constant heat sealing points.

The above sealer seals three sides.  Need four?  We have modified the above sealer to seal on all four sides!  If you are sealing the same size clam shell we might be able to do all four sides at the same time.  Send us a dozen samples and we will analyze them to determine if we are able to modify the machine.  Four side sealing machines will be quoted upon the modifications required.

Adjustable Table Top Multi-Point Sealing Machine

This sealer can be used to weld OPS, PSP, PVC, EPS cases and is ideal for clam shells. Fast, easy to use, and inexpensive.  This is a good alternative to ultrasonic or radio frequency sealing.

Need more sealing points than 6?  We will special order this unit with additional sealing points and power strips.  Advise via email for special applications and quotes.


Click on the picture to see the springs that hold up the clam shell until the top is pressed down.

Click here for the hand held DPC-10.