Kiwi Case Coders

Need to mark cartons with something better than a hand stamp, but a lot cheaper than an ink jet?  Something inexpensive, yet durable?  The Kiwi line of coders are top of the line all metal marking devices that will yield years of service under extreme conditions.

Introducing the Kiwi Coders:


(Shown with Channel Lock Type Wheel & Optional Anti-Repeat Ring)

The series 450 top, side or bottom coders for installation on conveyors and case sealers.  Available in three different sizes:  The Model 451 offer a printing area of 7/8" high, Model 452 offers 2" high, and the Model 453 offers 3 1/8" high.  All messages run up to 12" in length.

All three models offer enclosed housing incorporating a replaceable ink cartridge instead of a re-inkable cartridge requiring bottles of ink that can result in spilled ink!  Anti-repeat assembly kit optionally available to prevent repeat printing on cartons longer than 16".  Friction driven.

Need consecutive numbering?  The model 425 offers a 2 1/4" print area and incorporates a seven digit counter for number sequences from 1 to 9,999,999.  Case speed up to 35 units per minute.  Counter increments one digit at a time.  Print height of number is 1/4".

How about front and side operations?  We offer the Series 460 Front and Side Coders to automatically imprint your coded information on the leading front panel and side.  An air cylinder provides variable imprint pressure and a variable rate of return to print position.  The unit is friction driven and re-indexes itself after each imprint. 

Three models available:  7/8", 2", and 3 1/8" maximum print heights.

Base Lock logo mats and/or font and numbers available.  Advise print size requirements.

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Item Number
Model Description
2 1/4" print area w/7 digit counter Model 425
1" Roller Coder Model 451
2" Roller Coder Model 452
3" Roller Coder Model 453
1" Front & Side Coder Model 461
2" Front & Side Coder Model 462
3" Front & Side Coder Model 463

When ordering any of the units above, advise left or right hand or top mounting.  To determine left or right, look in the direction of the carton exit (away from you) and determine which side of the case sealer or conveyor you want to mount the unit on.  Optional anti-repeat ring available.  Ink roller not included.  Select Pre-Inked or Re-Inkable cartridges.  We recommend Base Lock logo mounting system.  For a complete price advise options, size of type, type of case sealer and email.