Label Caddy Label Dispenser


Left: 1" core on left, 3" model on right. Right: Lift Kit model.

Key Benefits

A very low cost manual label dispenser made of heavy-duty durable plastic and aluminum.   Supplied with 1" or 3" core adapters.  

Model # Description
1100-.5 1" Label Caddy
1100-1 2" Label Caddy
1100-1/LK 2" Label Caddy w/Lift Kit
1100-2 4" Label Caddy
1100-2/LK 4" Label Caddy w/Lift Kit
1100-3 6" Label Caddy
1100-3/LK 6" Label Caddy w/Lift Kit
1100-4 8" Label Caddy
1100-5 10" Label Caddy
1100-6 12" Label Caddy

Please note:  Above units hold a standard roll of labels up to 6 1/2" OD.  If you have larger rolls, special order the Label Caddy with an optional "lift kit" model to handle up to 11" rolls. Keep in mind the dispensers get top heavy with very large rolls.  

Visit the all metal side frame label dispenser called the LabelKing by clicking here For other models, click here.