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RIBtype®  Rubber Type

Looking for a cheap way to mark on cartons, paper, or other porous surfaces?  We offer a "Flip-Over" type self inking hand stamper with a unique RIBtype® surface for mounting individual letters, numbers, or logomats.  These Rib-based stamps re-ink themselves after each imprint.  Metal frames make them very durable.


Several sizes are available to meet your needs.

Item # Rib-Base Size   Ink Pad Item #
105C-25620-79 5 ribs x 5/8"   105C-26010
105C-25630-79 7 ribs x 1 3/8"   105C-26020
105C-25640-79 7 ribs x 1 5/8"   105C-26030
105C-25650-79 7 ribs x 2 1/4"   105C-26040
105C-25660-79 7 ribs x 3"   105C-26050
105C-25670-79 10 ribs x 2"   105C-26060
105C-25675-79 10 ribs x 2"   105C-26070
105C-25680-79 10 ribs x 2 1/4"   105C-26080
105C-25689-79 10 ribs x 2 7/8"   105C-26090
105C-25690-79 10 ribs x 3 3/4"   105C-26100
105C-25700-79 12 ribs x 2"   105C-26110
105C-25710-79 12 ribs x 2 3/8"   105C-26120
105C-25720-79 12 ribs x 2 7/8"   105C-26130
105C-25725-79 12 ribs x 3 7/8"   105C-26140
105C-25730-79 15 ribs x 2"   105C-26150
105C-25740-79 15 ribs x 2 7/8"   105C-26160
105C-25750-79 15 ribs x 3 7/8"   105C-26170

In addition to the stamper you will need a set of RIBtype® letters and number, only numbers, or a custom logo-mat at an additional charge.  Type is available in the following styles in sizes ranging from 1/8" up to 3/4".  Most customers find the "U" bold style the easiest to read.  Number of characters per inch depends upon size and boldness.

For larger (wider) stamp applications we offer a "Rocker" style durable aluminum recommended for large imprint areas.

Call or email for details. 

A Style
B Style
U Style
G Style

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For the pdf brochure on all of the different style of rib type and methods, click here.

Stamp Pad Ink:  The ink is water soluble, no thinner required.

Black 105C-19500 105C-19501 105C-19502 105C-19503
Red 105C-19510 105C-19511 105C-19512 105C-19513
Blue 105C-19520 105C-19521 105C-19522 105C-19523

Email by clicking here with specific details for more information.

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