Tape Wrangler™

The ultimate 2"

Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser


The Tape Wrangler ProSeal200D easily seals boxes or delivers tape one piece at a time. Works with any 2 inch shipping or packing tapes on a 3-inch core. Its multi-use mounting/docking bracket makes this a revolutionary shipping tape dispenser. Mounts under a cabinet or shelf, on a wall, post or warehouse rack with the included mounting hardware (screws & zip ties included) The Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D also dispenses tape one piece at a time!

Shipping UPS?  The tape measure is handy for calculating the dimensions for entry into your UPS program.

Why Ultimate?  Everything you need is on the gun!  Need dimensional information for UPS?  The tape measure is in the handle.  Need a cutter?  Check the handle.  Need a marker?  In the handle.  The unique spool tensioner hub when twisted clockwise add tape drag for tapes that unwind too quick.  The ProSeal 200D is multitasking and comes with several ways to mount the dispenser for added functionality.

Under shelf mounting for dispensing or storage:


Pole mounting or wall mounting for storage or dispensing:

 Made in USA