Plas-tiesMark XV Model 603, 604, 608

Widely used by bakeries around the world to speed up production and achieve consistent, secure twist ties on poly bags. If you are twist tying over 100 bags a day, an automatic tying machine will help you to work more efficiently, increase your productivity, and have less wrist fatigue.

Need to bundle electrical wires?  Works great in electronic wire harness manufacturing also.

  Key Benefits

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Easy 

Model Mark XV

New Ink-Jet Printer available

Easy bag tying

November 2008 Plasties introduces the new Heavy Duty models which combine all the best features of the standard 600 series with the soft touch options.

HD38 - 3/8" Twist Tie Machine. Used in Bakeries, wire cable plants, etc.  Seals bags fast and efficient.

HD58 - 5/8" Twist Tie Machine. Used in wholesale bakeries and wire processing facilities.

HD78 - 7/8" Twist Tie Machine. Used in wire processing facilities and for tying large poly bags.

The portable, efficient Tie-Matic increases productivity while eliminating employee complaints and fatigue by working five times faster than tedious hand tying. See a comparison chart by clicking here.  A wide choice of industrial semi-automated models are available. The 603 handles up to 3/8" found in most bakeries and areas where smaller bags need to be sealed, the 604 handles up to 5/8" for larger bags, and the 608 is a 7/8" capacity machine found in very large bag sealing, wire binding type areas. Semi automatic speeds of up to 45 ties per minute are achieved.

Optional stand available for ease of operation and better placement. The word is ERGONOMICS! The name of the game is to find the most productive process with the minimal operator fatigue.  Plas-ties meets the challenge head on.

The Soft Touch models maximize your productivity with 80 TIES PER MINUTE! The NEW Soft-Touch Machines are Faster with an Assisted Power Switch. The Switch uses an electronic signal to trigger the machine versus manpower to trigger the machine. The SOFT-TOUCH Machine is ideal for securing delicate products, including:  fiber optics, potpourri, gift baskets, baked goods and tostadas. Comparison chart for the standard unit versus the soft touch. Click here.

Need a date code?  Code the tie ends with the MagiCoder.  A very fast and easy way to print messages.  Need to change codes often? 

Check out the Digital Ink Jet Printer: 

Click Here for the .pdf file.  Click here for the operators manual on the digital printer.

Model # Description Item # Replaced by
Mark XV 603 3/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0603


Mark XV 603 Soft Touch 3/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0603ST
Mark XV 603 w/Digital Coder 3/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0603DC DP3000
Mark XV 604 5/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0604


Mark XV 604 Soft Touch 5/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0604ST
Mark XV 604 w/Digital Coder 5/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0604DC DP4000
Mark XV 608 7/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0608 HD78
Mark XV 608 Soft Touch 7/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0608ST
Mark XV 608 w/Digital Coder 7/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0608DC DP5000
Options: Description Item #  
16940 Magicoder Printer* 185A-0700  
K001090 Digital Ink Jet Printer*** 185A-K001090  
505R033-TM Adjustable Pedestal Stand with Tie-Matic Bracket 185A-0800  
16827 Suction Cup Option 185P-16827  

* - Ink roller extra.  *** - Ink cartridge extra.

Model 603 - 3/8" 604 - 5/8" 608 - 7/8"
Length of Tie 3.75" 4" 5"
# of Twists 2 ½ full twists
Speed Up to 45 ties/minute
Spool Size 8 ½" x 2" wide
Power 120 VAC, 60 HZ 4.1 AMPS / Optional 220v
Weight 19 lbs.
Dimensions 22" x 11" x 5.5"
Width at Front Feet 9.5"

To determine spool material, 27 gauge is recommended in the 603, and 604 models.  24 gauge material is recommended in the 608.  If you have a larger application, see the XL-2 model for up to 2" here.

***Click here for spool material***        

The following support documents are available in pdf format:

***Click here for the operators manual***        ***Click here for the Parts List***

Master Repair Kit info:  603   604   608 

Is there really a big TIME savings over hand tying???  Click here for more info.

So how much do I save in Employee Cost?  Click here for a chart.