Plas-ties MagiCoder

Key Benefits

  • Codes automatically
  • Very Legible
  • Up to 36 characters 

Order 185A-0700 for only $475.00

Ink roller extra.

Automatic printing (shown on Model 603 - Machine extra)

Code wire material automatically with dates, part numbers, product codes, logos, etc. The print  wheel accepts up to 36 characters for continuous messages.  For optimum legibility on the tie tails, repeat characters recommended.

Click here for the instruction sheet.

Click here for more information we have the brochure in pdf format on the Magicoder.

Need up to date info printed with special characters?  Plas-ties offers an optional small ink jet printer for printing detailed logos and custom information.  Click here for the brochure in .pdf format.  Item 185A-K001090.  Ink cartridges extra.

  We stock twist tie material in seven different colors!

Model # Description Item # Replaced by
Mark XV 603 3/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0603


Mark XV 603 Soft Touch 3/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0603ST
Mark XV 603 w/Digital Coder 3/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0603DC DP3000
Mark XV 604 5/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0604


Mark XV 604 Soft Touch 5/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0604ST
Mark XV 604 w/Digital Coder 5/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0604DC DP4000
Mark XV 608 7/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0608 HD78
Mark XV 608 Soft Touch 7/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0608ST
Mark XV 608 w/Digital Coder 7/8" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0608DC DP5000
Options: Description Item #  
16940 Magicoder Printer* 185A-0700  
K001090 Digital Ink Jet Printer*** 185A-K001090  
505R033-TM Adjustable Pedestal Stand with Tie-Matic Bracket 185A-0800  
16827 Suction Cup Option 185P-16827  

For the machine manual and warranty information, click here

Make sure to register your machine online with the manufacturer after purchase to get the full warranty available by clicking here.  We do not offer loaner machines under warranty.  All loaner machines acquired through the factory under warranty are done so between you and Plasties.