XL-2 Twist Tie Machine

Key Benefits

  • Handles large bundles of product
  • Very reliable
  • Fast change out

Industrial applications (shown with optional stand).

For those applications requiring 3/4" up to 2" bundle tying, the XL-2 is very fast and efficient. Tie length may be adjusted from 4" up to 9 ½" for the different bundles.  If you are using an XL-2, visit our tie material page. The XL-2 may be ordered vertical or horizontal, with 8" or 10" spool mounting brackets.

Made in USA


Model # Description Item #
XL-2 2" Twist Tie Machine 185M-0002
505R033-XL 2 Caster, Std. Adj. Pedestal Stand 185A-0801

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Click here for the Chute Chart.  This is a great guide for the correct chute for the diameter tied.

We also have the following support guides available in pdf format:

XL-2 Operators Manual - XL-2 Parts List Chart

Parts list Poster in pdf format, click here.

XL-2 Electrical info and schematic