Heat Sealers - Bags, Clams , or Vacuum

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Heat sealers are used to seal the end of poly bags, poly tube stock, mylar bags, poly lined paper bags. Scroll down the page for info on each type.

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Bag makers are one way to custom make your own open ended poly bags to length. We carry two types, one manual, one that you can set to make bags of the same size in quantity.

Bag Makers:

The Better Bagger by Better Packages.

From AIE we carry the manual Bag Making Foot Sealer -

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Band Sealers:

Band Sealers are great for operations with a lot of bag sealing since the unit is a constant heat sealer with rollers and conveyors to carry the bag through the machine. Once the heat and speed are set, the unit is very easy to use with the operator inserting one bag after another. Some band sealers also come with embossing or ink type printers for coding bags.

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Impulse Sealers:

Impulse sealers will cycle the heat on for a set time and then shut off to allow the seal to congeal. Some units incorporate a magnet to hold the arm down, some require the operator to hold it down. Impulse sealers are available in arm, foot, or table top.

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Constant Heat Sealers:

Constant heat sealers are always hot and require the operator to use caution when sealing bags since the longer the bag is in the 'jaws' the more molten the poly becomes. For applications with paper, foil, some polyesters, or mylar, the constant heat sealer works better. The constant heat roller sealer is good for sealing curves but does not allow for perfect seals like the impulse sealer since the roller constantly applies heat and requires the operator to move the roller along.

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Automatic Foot or Table Top:

Automatic foot or table top sealers are available in both impulse or constant heat models.

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Shrink Wrap Systems:

Shrink wrap systems are used to apply a thin clear film over your packages for retail packaging. The offer protection from dust and dirt as well as a level of confidence to the buyer the product remains intact from the factory. The I-Bar system requires a two step sealing process whereas the L-Bar Sealer is a one step sealer. Heat guns are supplied with the I-Bar systems. The L-Bar system is a la carte and require either a heat gun or shrink tunnel.

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Clam Shell Sealers:

Clam Shell Sealers are available in three styles. The hand held units pictured in first and third positions are constant heat clam shell sealers meaning the heat is always on during operation. The operator squeezes the handles to apply a seal along the edge of a clam shell. If multiple seals are required the second picture of the DPC-100 will apply up to six seals in the same time it tapes to do one seal with the units beside it. The last two units are ultrasonic clam shell sealers. They remain cool to the touch and seal much faster than the constant heat sealers.

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Vacuum Sealers:

Vacuum Sealers are available for removing extra air and in some cases applies a gas flush to remove oxygen from the bag being sealed.

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The Meat Wrapping unit is used for sealing produce, meats, and fish at retail counters.

Meat Wrapping: