Potdevin NTZ Gluers

The Potdevin NTZ Gluer saves time and energy. Uniformly coats smooth or uneven materials up to half inch thick with water-based glues, latex and resins. Use with paper, cardboard, leather, plastic, foam, wood, fabric, rubber.

Used with cold glues only.

For larger applications. Standard units are equipped with rubber tank rollers.  Stainless Steel Tank Rollers extra. 

 Key Benefits

For BIG jobs

Item Model  
Number Number Description
190M-NT27 NTZ-27" 27" Potdevin NTZ
190M-NT32 NTZ-32" 32" Potdevin NTZ
190M-NT36 NTZ-36" 36" Potdevin NTZ
190M-NT42 NTZ-42" 42" Potdevin NTZ

 Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
 or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

Prices above reflect 115v, 1 ph., AC Motor, Stainless Steel Applicator Roller, and Removable Stainless Steel Tank. Special Motors with different electrical demands available for a slight upcharge. Email requirements.  Need an explosion proof gluing system?  Optional Air Motors are available for the NTZ gluer.

Optional Portable Floor Stands, Edge & Strip Attachment, Slow Speed Attachment:

Options 27" 32" 36" 42"
Portable Floor Stand 190A-NT27S
Edge & Strip Attachment 190A-NT27E
Slow Speed Attachment - ADD 190A-NTZSC

Don't forget to look at the Rotary Press to eliminate wrinkles from your work!

We highly recommend the portable floor stands to keep your gluing operation mobile.  Larger gluers easily weigh several hundred pounds and the stands offer the ability to move the units about for different size operations.  All NTZ gluers ship via truck.

    (Accumount Table)

Clean up a pain?  Glue stuck everywhere?  Need a solution to make clean up a breeze?  Release-Cote by Potdevin is the best releasing agent available on the market today!  For more info click here.  Looking for Potdevin Glue?  For more info click here.

Potdevin makes gluers up to 60".

For more info on the Type Z Label Pasters, click here.