PST Dispensers

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If you are considering using an electronic tape dispenser with PVC tape to seal standard cartons we highly recommend looking at the gummed tape dispensers. PVC tape requires two hands to handle the tape! PVC tape stick to everything it touches including itself. Hand held dispensers work because you use one hand for the dispenser and the other to hold the box. For more info click here.

We have an alert for pressure sensitive tape worth looking at. Click here.

Pressure Sensitive Models:

Human Powered Case Sealer:

3" or Wider Electronic:

2" or Less Electronic:


Hand Held Tape Guns:

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The real cost of hand held tape dispensers?  Click here to learn more.
Check out our special Alert page on recycled cartons and plastic tape.

Multi-Tasking:   Tape, measure, cut, and mark!

L-Clip Sealer:


Pull and Tear:

Label Protection:


Using Plastic tape to seal your cartons?  Boxes that are overstuffed or under-stuffed can sometimes leave your customer with "no stuff"!  Gummed reinforced tape seals your boxes better than any other closure method.