Sealing Methods

Choose from a number of different products we have for sealing different types of products from boxes to bags to clam shells to vaccuum sealers. The right machine will make you money, the wrong machine will cost you even if it was free. We specialize in finding the best solution for dispensing and sealing equipment.


Glue, Tape, or Staples? We currently offer both gummed tape and pressure sensitive tape solutions.

With tape dispensers.  Pick from gummed tape or pressure sensitive tapes.

Electronic/Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

A money back guarantee you can't pass up.  Click here for more info on the Automatic Measuring Device (AMD)

Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers

Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers

Cost Control - 1 Strip, 2 Strip, 3 Strip, 4.  Plastic tape will cost you more!



Sealing bags with tape, heat, or ties.

Using tape or ties allows for the consumer to open the bag without damaging the bag. Click here for tape or ties.

Using heat creates a more permanent seal and forces the consumer to cut or rip open the bag to gain access to the contents. To form perfect seals, heat needs to be applied and then the seal needs to congeal or cool down. There are basically two types of heat sealing we work with, constant or impulse.

Constant heat is used for band sealing or in applications involving thick poly, mylar, or other poly lined type bags. Constant heat is like using an iron to close the bag.

Impulse sealers are machines where the operator can control the amount of time heat is applied to the seal to form more perfect seals. Impulse sealers are available in arm, table, or foot models.

For more information on heat sealers, click here.

Clam Shells

Clam shells are a great way for consumers to view your products without having to tear open the box. Depending upon the quantity you are sealing and the quality of the seal, there are three types of sealing: Constant, Impulse, Chemical. We currently handle the constant and low end impulse types. Click here for more info.

Vacuum Sealers:

Vacuum Sealers are available for removing extra air and in some cases applies a gas flush to remove oxygen from the bag being sealed. Click for more info.