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Accessories for the Electronic tape dispensers:

Foot Switch

Hands Free Operation - Easy to use.

Works with the TDA080, ZCM1000, ZCM2000, ZCM1500 Series tape dispensers. 

Order item #195A-ZFOOTSW

  START Counting pieces with the ZCMCOUNTER
Pre-program number of pieces of tape needed (up to 9,999 pieces), count up or down
8 preset numbers
Pause mode - Machine can be paused if operator is called away (Push a button and operation resumes)
Pause also works as an emergency stop (when unit is paused, pushing reset button will zero counter)
Designed for the ZCM1000, ZCM1500 and ZCM2000 Series tape dispensers
The Foot Switch can be plugged directly in to the counter for hands free operation.
   Order Item #195A-ZCMCOUNTER
  P026 Reel Stand

All M1000 machines may be fitted with an optional tape Reel Stand 195A-0410.  The stand allows for larger rolls of tape up to 9.45" in diameter. 

  TD03 3" Reel Stand

Large Reel Stand for rolls of material 3" wide up to 20" diameter.  Great for either label or tape dispensing. 

Order item #195A-0530

  TD08  8" Reel Stand

Large Reel Stand for up to 8" width material and 20" diameter rolls.  Works with either label or tape dispensing. 

Order item #195A-0580

  TDLR050B - Liner Remover with Take-Up Roller

  • Removes bottom liner from double coated tapes
    or metal tapes
  • Rewinds liner onto take-up roller to keep
    workstation clean

    Item# 195A-0210

Reel Holder

  • For 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Core Diameters

    Item# 195P-ZCM1000P108 - 1" (25.4 mm)
    Item# 195P-ZCM1000P109 - 1 1/4" (31.75 mm)
    Item# 195P-ZCM1000P110 - 1 1/2" (38.1 mm)

    The new ZCM1000 are now outfitted with a three piece core holder system.

We can also get Kreasers (for Kapton® type tapes).  To help better identify the best machine for your operation we highly recommend sending in a sample roll of your material for testing.  Email for more details.