Start International ELM Series

Model M1000

Over the years Start International has taken the standard M1000 and modified it to handle an assortment of different types of pressure sensitive tapes and materials.  Below are 6 different variations of the dispenser.  The best way to determine the best unit is to fill out a material evaluation sheet and forward it to our offices for testing.

Unless noted below each model offers the following specs:

The Standard M1000.  Check for the Start Hologram Label to insure you get the ELM model.  Order our Item #195M-1000. 

This model M1000B has been modified to handle narrow tapes.  Unit handles from .125" (3.2mm) up to 2.0" (50.8mm).  Order our item #195M-1000B

The M1000C has been modified to handle "Glass Cloth Tape" which by nature is flimsy.  Order our item #195M-1000C

The M1000D has been modified to dispense very short pieces of tape.  The length dispensed runs from .197" (5mm) up to 39" (999mm).  We recommend using tweezers for tape under 15mm.  Order our item #195-1000D.

With so many other machines on the market able to do two rolls, ELM now offers the M1000E!  Get two pieces at the same time.  The cutter unit has been modified with two electronic eyes and the spool holder allows the rolls to spin independently.  Our item #195M-1000E.

Then there are the difficult tapes...  This M1000T dispenses and cuts very thin tape.  Item #195M-1000T.

The M1500W Light Duty Tube and Wire Cutter ensures consistent quality and size of parts when dispensing tube stock up to 2" (50.8mm) wide.  Optional large reel stand for material up to 13.5" available. Our Item #195M-1500W.  **Material Test Recommended or a 30% restocking fee applies.

The M2000 can be programmed to dispense three different lengths of tape.  Order our Item #195M-2000.

The M1100 with Safety Guard System is similar to the M1000  but incorporates extra safety measures.  The major difference is the length of tape dispensed:   1.18" up to 39".   Item #195-1100.

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Visit the parts list sheet for the M1000, click here.

CLick here for the operators manual in .pdf format.

Looking for a faster way to use PVC tapes to seal cartons?  We recommend either using tape guns or automatic case sealers.  If you try to use a counter top automatic dispenser like the M1000 for taping boxes, the tape is too difficult to handle and will stick to everything once dispensed.  If you are looking to speed up your operation, we recommend using a gummed tape dispenser.  Overall they are faster and you only need ONE piece of tape to seal the flaps.

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