Start International

Start International manufacturers and imports a multitude of tape, material, tag and label dispensers for applications in manufacturing, packaging, and labeling.  

If you are searching for a dispenser and are unsure what to do, send us a description of your requirements and allow us to help you.  In some instances the best solutions is to send us a sample roll of the material you are using and allow us to try it in different dispensers to find the right one.

Different models include:

Bottle Labelers:

LAB01 - LAB01 cyli-SIZE™ Manual Bottle Labeler

Hand Held Label Dispensers:

LAP65-30, LAP65-60, LAP65-100 (NV030, NV060, NV100) - Hand held label applicators

Table Top Label Dispensers:

LD2000, LD5000, LD7000 - Heavy duty electronic eye label dispensers.

LD5500, LD7500 - Heavy duty label dispensers for longer labels.

LR4500 - Label Rewinder

Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers:

M1000 - An electronic dispenser for PVC tapes up to 2" in width that will automatically dispense and cut.  Available in 6 different models.

M1100 - A variation of the M1000 incorporating a "safety guard feature".

M2000 - A variation of the M1000 for up to three multiple length settings.

TDA080 - Start's 3" Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser.  Three models to choose from including a Foam Tape Dispenser!

TDA150 - New Start 5.9" Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser based on the TDA080.

TDM-080 - Lever operated PVC table top tape dispenser for single or multiple rolls of material up to 3.15" in total width. 

TDW019 - Manual Tape Wrapper.  Simple and easy to use for wrapping tape around bundles.

Zcut2-1 - Carousel pvc tape dispenser great for wrapping gifts

ZCM0300 - 1/4" up to 1" wide table top scotch tape dispenser with lever

ZCM-0900 - Battery and/or 115v pressure sensitive tape dispenser

Call or email for details.  You can also try our search engine above with key words.

Get a Great START on your Packaging Solutions.

Discontinued Models:

BEME - Bottle labeling equipment with PST labels.  Manual and Electric models.
ZCM3000 - Discontinued. Pressure Sensitive up to 3" widths
Zcut3060 - Same length multiple roll pressure sensitive tape dispenser .59" up to 2.36" widths
Zcut3150 - Same length multiple roll pressure sensitive tape dispenser .59" up to 5.9" widths
Zcut3250 - Same length multiple roll pressure sensitive tape dispenser .59" up to 9.84" widths