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LAB01 cyli-SIZE™ Manual Bottle Labeler

Label bottles, cans, and other round type objects with a simple turn of the crank. 
Electricity is not required.  Portable to any labeling location in your facility.

Humanoid Power Required.


Quickly applies labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical products.

Manual bottle labeler for short runs.

Accurately places labels in same location for consistent look.

Easily label different sized cylindrical products from .5" (12.70mm) to 6.5" (165mm) [ChapStick® size to 1 gallon].

Heavy-Duty metal construction.

No tools required for adjusting to different sized labels.

No regular maintenance required.

Order Item #195M-LAB01

Bottle Size (Dia.):  .5” to 6.5”
Label Size:   .5” to 12”
Label Width:  1” to 6.5”
Unit Dimensions:   22.5” x 11.5” x 13.5”
Power:  Humanoid