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LD2000 Set up & Maintenance Instructions

The LD2000 (NV2000) label dispenser will handle up to 2" width labels.  The following instructions are for setting up and maintaining your label dispenser for years of service.

Set Up Instructions

Place the label roll onto the reel hanger bar.  The roll should be against a metal lock clip so that it is held straight.  Place second metal lock clip onto reel hanger bar to keep the labels snug.

Thread the web under the guide rod, between the hold down brush and the strip plate and back under the strip plate.  Lay the web across the slot in the take-up hub.  Lock the web in position with the metal lock rod.  (The take-up hub turns counter-clockwise.)


Hold Down Brush:

Using the upper black thumbscrew on the side of the machine, adjust the hold down brush for tensioning.  For best results, labels should be pressed firmly against the strip plate.  However, if the labels are held too tightly, they will cause excessive drag on the motor.

Photo Sensor:

The photo sensor can be adjusted in any direction by using the lower black thumbscrew on the side of the machine and the thumbscrew underneath the photo sensor bracket.  Loosening the thumbscrew on the side of the machine allows the photo sensor to move in and out.  This is used to set the overhang distance of the label over the strip plate.  The thumbscrew underneath the photo sensor bracket is used to swivel the sensor along the front of the strip plate.  When the label is being fed the correct distance, lock the bracket in place.  If there are two or more labels across, align the photo sensor with the last label to be removed.  When these screws are locked in place the machine is set.