TDA080 Series

by Start International

The TDA080 series pressure sensitive tape dispensers handle up to 3.15" (80mm) wide tapes.  Four models to choose from fit most applications.  We highly recommend filling out the Material Evaluation Form and submitting it to our staff with a sample roll of material.  We will endeavor to find the best solution for your application. 

Electronic "Heavy Duty" PST Tape Dispenser TDA080

Automatically dispenses and cuts virtually any tape - including duct tape
Designed for continuous industrial use applications
Compact design and heavy duty metal construction
Digital push switch display for easy length adjustments
Adjustable feed intervals
Safety interlock
Can dispense some non-adhesive materials
Four operating modes (Feed, Manual, Auto and Interval)
Optional foot switch available.

Item #195M-0080

Electronic Tape Dispenser with Laminator Model TDA080-LAM

Laminates two rolls of tape together, then dispenses and cuts tape to predetermined definite lengths
Automatically dispenses and cuts most tapes - including duct tape
6" Max diameter Roll of tapes
Max width of tape 2"
31 Pound Shipping Weight

Item #195M-0080L

Foam Tape Dispenser Model TDA080-NS

Special Non-Stick Advancement Rollers
Designed for Foam Tapes, High Tack Tapes and Adhesive Transfer Tapes (Tapes should be tested before purchase).
Accepts tape widths from .25" (6.4mm) to 2" (50mm)
6" (152mm) maximum outside diameter roll
4 Modes of operation. (manual feed, manual feed and cut, auto feed and cut and interval feed and cut)
Photo shown with Optional Material Stand.  Optional Foot Switch Available.

Item #195M-0080N

Optional Serrated Blade part #195P-TDA080P279S is available.

Electronic “Heavy-Duty” Tape Dispenser for Tapes on a Liner Model TDA080-LR

Additional Liner Remover to remove inside liner of tapes such as aluminum tapes
Ideal for high production of repetitive taping for industrial applications
Program a defined length and automatically advance and cut tape
Accepts tape widths from .25" (6mm) to 2" (50.8mm)
Cut lengths from 1.6" (40mm) to 394" (9999mm)
4 Modes of operation. (manual feed-manual cut, manual feed and cut, auto feed and cut and interval feed and cut)
Digital push switch display for easy length adjustments
Safety interlock
Accuracy +/- .04" (1mm) (dependent on type of tape)
9" (251mm) maximum outside diameter roll
Comes with 3" (76mm) core
115V / 220V units (Model # TDA080LR-2 for 220V units)
Optional foot switch available

Item #195M-0080LR

Specifications unless noted different above:

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