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ZCM0300 Lever Operated

The ZCM0300 is a manual pressure sensitive lever operated tape dispenser.  Holds up to 4.5" diameter roll of pressure sensitive tape on 3" cores.  Shipping weight 3#.  Dimensions are 6.25"L (159mm) x 3.5"W (89mm) x 4.88"H (124mm).  The handle can be adjusted by turning the center thumb bolt counter clockwise to loosen, moving the handle up or down, then retightening. 

  • Calibrated scale on side.
  • Uses tapes with widths from .25" - 1"
  • Adjustable length from .5 to 4" per stroke.
  • Serrated blade for cutting.
  • Removable blade holder for easy loading.
  • Pen/Pencil holder molded into unit.

Item #195M-0300

Save tape by controlling the amount dispensed with each press of the lever.  The ZCM0300 is weighted.

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