Tach-it Model C-19

Manual "L" Clipper


 L-Clip Box Sealers  are used for applying a strip of tape from the side of the box to under the box with a 1 1/2" strip.  This model works on all sizes and types of boxes and offers an inexpensive closure.

The C-19 can be mounted flush with the table top so the operator does not have to lift the box.  No operator training is required.

Standard types of pressure sensitive tapes on a 3" core, up to 3/4" wide.  This unit does not accept filament tapes.  Built to last and requires no tools for tape roll change outs.


The instructions for tape feeding are printed on the unit.  We included these two pictures as a guide.  Note the tape runs in front of the plate below the top rubber rub down roller.  The knob at the rear of the dispenser controls the amount of tension on the rub down roller.  The thumb nut in the center of the spool holder controls the amount of tension on the roll as it dispenses tape.  If the tape breaks or the unit is very difficult to use, loosen the thumb nut.  If the tape unrolls too easily, tighten.