Tach-it Model KL-150

The label dispenser with an added feature. The time delay! Great for longer labels where the operator has to wait for the machine to finish dispensing the label. Introducing the KL-150 label dispenser by Tach-it:

Item #120M-0150

The unique time delay works like this:  The operator picks up the label and the machine starts running.  Once the electric eye "sees" the next label the delay cycle starts.  The machine runs for the amount of the delay dispensing the next label and then shuts off.  The operator is able to set the delay (via green dial on front) for the amount of time necessary for most of the label to be dispensed.  The KL-150 handles labels up to 6" wide.

The KL-150 is great for labels over 3" long.  We also have a great price.  Call or Email for details.

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