Ben Clements

Tach-it Twist Tying Machines


Tach-It offers the basic model #4500 Coil/Bundle Tyer for applications where you need adjustable tying from 0" up to up 4" diameters to apply twist tie to coils, bundles, hanks, spools, and wire bundles.  Unique features include the ability to automatically adjust itself to tie any item inserted to save on tie material.  The 4500 is perfect for semi-automatic, inline, and conveyor applications using a variety of single and double wire twist tie material.  The 4500 is also adaptable with either a self actuating or an optional foot pedal operation mode, and can be mounted vertical or horizontal.  

Tach-it Model #4500

The 4500 is manufactured with Stainless Steel and all metal components. The 4500 does not utilize wear parts such as clutches and brakes to control its' sequential operation, rather a state of the art PLC and a unique hybrid power system. Uses a variety of twist tie materials.

The model 4500 is the only machine on the market of this size that covers a range from 0" up to 4" bundles (larger sizes optional - email your specs). Considered the easiest "BIG" machine to operate.