I hear companies saying they prefer to use hand held tape guns because they are cheaper.  The tape is cheaper, the dispenser is cheaper, so using plastic tape must be cheaper.

Is it?

The dispenser:

2" hand held tape guns will last an average 3 months before they are either lost, dropped or destroyed.  The heavier the usage, the less they last.  If a cheap tape gun costs about $6 each (purchasing, shipping, receiving, etc), then in 15 years you will have spent $360 on tape guns per station.  If you use 3" tape guns the cost is 50% higher.

or the more expensive ones with Safety blades:

If a Better Pack 333 manual gummed tape dispenser lasts an average of 15 years and cost $330, which system cost less?

And if you wanted to save tape the electronic units dispense a measured length with the

BP500, or get a more exact length with the BP555eSA & optional AMD.

The Tape:

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Consider the tape.  If you use 2" plastic tape to seal your boxes and only use ONE strip top and bottom, you win.  BUT have you checked how much tape is actually being used?  The vast majority of taping applications have packers using multiple strips of tape to seal the box.  If you consider the total footage of tape being used on a carton you may be surprised by how you are really spending to seal the carton.  After the shock, consider how much more labor was used to put the extra pieces of tape on the carton.

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Now for the salt on the wound: 

  1. Have you ever found your packers misplacing their tape guns?  Your packer sets the gun down, someone comes along and takes it.  Gum tape machines stay in the same place on the packing bench.
  2. With the tape gun, have you or anyone in your organization been injured by the exposed sharp blade?  The electric BP500 utilizes several safety features to prevent injury.
  3. Handling a tape gun with a full roll of tape, have any of your employees complained of wrist injuries?  With gum tape the packer only handles one strip of tape at a time.
  4. With tape guns boxes can be packed all over the warehouse.  Is this an advantage?  Sealing cartons at a packing station adds a level of security.  Orders can be double checked before the shipping label is applied, all under a single camera.

Using electric gummed tape machines save even more money by proper placement and controlled dispensing.

Companies pay for both materials and labor used for packaging cartons.  The expectation is the carton needs to survive until the customer receives it.  The carton is the first thing your customer sees when the package arrives.  What first impression or image do you want your customer to have?

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